Solidarity With Grad Workers!
We work for the University, and we want an organized voice in decisions that affect us.
CIA Recruitment on Campus Must End
Due to the CIA’s complicity in human rights violations, students should oppose professional opportunities with the organization.
Starting College After a Gap Year
Though many worry about starting college a year later than expected, adjusting to college after a gap year isn’t as difficult as it’s assumed to be.
Dear Incoming Freshmen: It Will Be Okay
While there exists a slew of unhelpful advice for college freshmen, incoming students should rest assured that their first year will be challenging, enjoyable, and unique to them.
The Neverending Quarter System Summer
Anticipating the next academic year at UChicago may lead to various expectations, and even anxiety about a new year.
The Profound Benefits of Add-Drop
First-year students shouldn’t be wary of adding and dropping courses at the start of the quarter, as it often proves to be helpful.
The Myth of the Impenetrable College Clique
While exclusive friend groups were commonplace in high school, UChicago’s social scene is less daunting if you remain open-minded.
The Importance of Candor and Communication
Though social anxiety is quite common at UChicago, there is still room for building confidence through kindness and honesty.


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